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Ehlers Estate has been growing grapes in the Napa Valley since the mid-1800s and includes the original stone winery built by Bernard Ehlers in 1886. Our clients, Jean and Sylviane Leducq, purchased Ehlers Estate with a desire to create wines in the classic French style of the great Bordeaux houses. Our charge was to provide the estate with much needed production and barrel storage facilities while honoring the historic stone building that houses a tasting room and offices. We sited the production building directly behind the tasting room, allowing visitors to view the heart of the fermentation area and vineyards beyond, thereby creating a strong visual connection between the two structures. The buildings are simple in form, material, and massing, taking their cue from the original winery and other agricultural buildings common in the Napa Valley.
PROJECT TEAM: Michael Boes, Kevin Killen, Gregory Warner
BUILDER: Cello & Maudru Construction Company
PHOTOGRAPHY: Matthew Millman